Role of multimodal imaging in the detection of a juxtafoveal subretinal neovascular membrane (SRNVM) in a case of parafoveal teleingectesia (PFT)

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First Author: P.Rani INDIA

Co Author(s):    D. Balakrishnan   B. Karnati                          

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To present the role of multimodal imaging in the detection of a juxtafoveal SRNVM in an asymptomatic fellow eye of a case with PFT.


Vitreoretinal department of a Tertiary Eye Institute


A 49 year old lady presented with defective vision in the left eye of one month duration. Her best-corrected visual acuity was 20/20 in the right eye and 20/100 in the left eye. On fundus examination she was found to have PFT in both eyes and an active SRNVM with subretinal haemorrhage in the left eye. OCT,FFA revealed a tiny area of disruption of retinal pigment epithelial layer and an area of increased leakage in the background of diffuse leakage of PFT in the right eye and an active SRNVM complex in the left eye. We performed OCT-Angiography in both eyes to confirm the source of leakage and disruption of RPE layer observed in the asymptomatic right eye and for exact size of SRNVM complex in the left eye.


OCT-Angiography clearly delineated the active SRNVM complex in the juxtafoveal region of asymptomatic right eye and left eye. Both eyes received intravitreal bevacizumab injections. At 2 months follow-up, repeat OCT-Angiography and FFA revealed significant reduction of SRNVM complex in both eyes.


Detection of SRNVM complex leakage in cases of PFT can be challenging in view of background diffuse leakage seen on FFA in asymptomatic eyes without clinical activity of SRNVM such as subretinal haemorrhage/ subretinal fluid. OCT-Angiography is a valuable tool in the detection and confirmation of diagnosis of an active SRNVM complex in the asymptomatic fellow eye of case with PFT. Multimodal imaging (OCT, OCT-Angiography and FFA) is also valuable for monitoring the therapeutic response of SRNVM complex as OCT-Angio can accurately detect the reduction of size of SRNVM along with FFA and OCT.

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