Does choroidal thickness change with fluorescein angiography?

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First Author: I.Perente TURKEY

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To reveal the effects of fluorescein retinal angiography (FFA) on retinal and choroid.


Retrospective case series


Thirty eyes of 30 patients were included in this study. After standard ophthalmologic examination, macular and choroidal thickness (CT) was measured via OCT. 15-20 minutes after the dyes injected for the angiography procedures, OCT scan was performed again. Statistical analyses were performed to compare the measurements before and after the procedures.


The mean ages were 52.4 ± 6.2 year (range: 40-72 years). The mean macular thickness was 329 ± 66 μm before FFA and 326 ± 68 after FFA (p=0.992). The mean subfoveal CT was 270±22 μm before FFA and 272±30 μm after FFA (p=0.790).


We have demonstrated that the CT does not change with FFA procedure.

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