OCT-Angiography findings of optic disc and retina in cases newly diagnosed as giant cell Arteritis

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First Author: M.Ohn UK

Co Author(s):    N. Karia   B. Dasgupta                          

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To identify imaging feature of optic disc and posterior pole of the retina by using OCT-Angiography


Cases of newly diagnosed GCA were studied for the period of six months.


Prospective observational study of cases who were diagnosed as Giant Cell Arteritis with or without visual or ocular symptoms were studied by using OCT-Angiography and compared with OCT-A findings of normal healthy eyes. Diagnosis of giant cell arteritis in those cases were confirmed by a consultant rheumatologist after appropriate diagnostic tests.


Twelve new cases who were diagnosed as GCA and twelve normal eyes were studied. We found no significant difference in OCT-A finding at the level of blood flow drop out area at the optic disc and the posterior pole of the retina.


We believe there is a lot more to learn regarding OCT-Angiography and its images and the finding might be useful as a non-invasive investigation to diagnose cases of Giant Cell Arteritis. We found no significant difference so far as per imaging had shown, however we would keep observing as the imaging might come out with different outcome when we have a larger sample size and significant number of cases with ocular symptoms.

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