Optical coherence tomography angiography characteristics in retinal artery occlusion

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First Author: L.Monje Fernandez SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Mateos Hernandez   F. Costales Mier   I. Garzo Garcia   M. Cuesta Lassa   C. Plaza Laguardia   E. Pertejo Fernandez              

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To analyze retinal properties of the eyes with retinal artery occlusion by optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A).


4 patients who suffered retinal artery occlusion affecting retinal superficial plexus preferably. AOCT was done during the follow up in chronic phases. Also visual field, fluorescein angiography (FA), spectral domain OCT and multifocal electroretinogram were performed (ERG).


Cross-sectional, prospective, observational study was performed. Macular OCT-A images were obtain from patients with retinal artery occlusion (Zeiss AngioPlex). Morphological characteristics observed were defined.


four eyes were studied which presented mostly inner capillary retinal plexus damage secondary to retinal artery occlusion. Non perfusion zones and alter vessels distributions were found. It corresponded with inner layers retinal atrophy on conventional optical coherence tomography. ischaemic areas and cotton exudates showed by FA. Scotomas were present in relation with the damage. Multifocal ERG were normal.


OCT-A shows macular flow alterations divided into plexus, showing precisely ischaemia.

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