Pituitary tumour in patient with persisting poor visual acuity after cataract surgery: The role of fundoscopy and the crucial importance of visual field examination in diagnosis and further management

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First Author: E.Kanonidou GREECE

Co Author(s):    G. Karagiannidis-Stampoulis   D. Balatsoukas                          

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Intracranial tumours may be a grave cause of visual acuity reduction. We present a case of non-improving visual acuity, in which a pituitary tumour was found.


Department of Ophthalmology, Hippokrateion General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece.


A 66 years old male patient presented to our department, reporting progressive reduction of visual acuity (VA) on both eyes. The VA was 2/10 for the right eye (OD) and 1/10 for the left eye (OS). The intraocular pressure was 15mmHg for the OD and 13mmHg for the OS. The patient had nuclear cataract on both eyes, the rest of the anterior segment was clear, while fundus examination was impossible, because of the cataract. The patient was scheduled for cataract surgery on the OD, followed by the OS.


At the patient’s follow-up after the cataract surgery, no significant improvement of visual acuity was found. Moreover, fundoscopy revealed optic atrophy on both eyes. A visual field examination was performed, which showed bitemporal hemianopsia. The patient was referred to a neurologist, who suggested a brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The imaging revealed a pituitary tumour, which suppressed the optic chiasm.


Visual field examination is essential when fundoscopy indicates optic nerve pathology and it is a valuable means of investigating patients with persisting poor VA. These patients must be examined by neurologists and undergo brain imaging examination, especially when visual field examination findings are not normal.

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