OCT features in a case of chalcosis

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First Author: M.Jhingan INDIA

Co Author(s):    B. Uplanchiwar   V. Ambiya   R. Reddy Pappuru                       

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To describe the first report of OCT features of the retina in a case of chalcosis


Chalcosis is a rare entity in today’s era. Copper alloy causes a chronic reaction secondary to deposition of copper in the limiting membranes. Our case was incidentally diagnosed with chalcosis, which was confirmed histopathologically and with an electroretinogram (ERG). OCT showed presence of hyper-reflective deposits in inner retinal layers.


A 40 year old male presented with pain and redness in left eye. Incidentally, a sunflower cataract was noted in the right eye. Fundus evaluation revealed superficial retinal crystalline deposits at the macula with dense vitreous debris. Ultrasound biomicroscopy and a B scan ultrasound showed an intraocular foreign body at 8 o clock position in the vicinity of the lens. ERG showed reduced scotopic and photopic amplitudes suggestive of retained metallic foreign body. SD-OCT showed normal retinal morphology but hyperreflective deposits in the inner retinal layers corresponding to the deposits on the retina. The histopathology of the lens capsule confirmed the diagnosis of chalcosis.


OCT features suggested the deposits of retina on not just the limiting membranes but in the superficial retinal layers as well.


OCT can be used as an adjunct along with ERG to determine the course of disease in a case of chalcosis.

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