Macular injury after handheld laser exposure

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First Author: A.Gomez Escobar SPAIN

Co Author(s):    B. Dominguez Garcia   R. Uceda Torres   M. Diaz Granda   E. Rodriguez de la Rua Franch                    

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Laser pointer may cause a variety of retinal injuries including vitreous haemorrhage, and haemorrhages in different retinal levels, foveal granularity, perifoveal drusenoid-like deposits/pigment clumps, or ring-shaped hypopigmented lesions in fovea. We report a case of a patient with a history of maculopathy caused by exposure to laser light.


Case report


A 10-year-old boy described blurred vision in right eye for 2 months (central scotoma). Best-corrected visual acuity was 20/25 OD and 20/20 OS.


Fundoscopic examination showed foveal lesion with central RPE clumping surrounded by pigment loss and mottling The spectral-domain optical coherence tomography shows restoration of ELM, but discontinuity in the inner/outer segment line with RPE migration in the outer retina. There have been no properly established data showing the efficacy of systemic corticosteroid administration, so we decided conservative management in our patient.


The unregulated use of lasers with entertainment purposes can cause a variety of maculopathies that can result in permanent vision loss. Inappropriate use of laser instruments should be prevented with strict rules.

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