Blue auto-fluorescence patterns in eyes with optic nerve head swelling

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First Author: F.Ghanchi UK

Co Author(s):    Z. Madanat                             

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To describe blue autofluorescnece (BAF) patterns observed in eyes with swollen optic nerve head, a case series.


Retina clinics of a large secondary care hospital in England.


16 eyes of 8 patients, (6 females and 2 males), seen in the eye clinic for optic nerve head swelling, underwent multimodal retinal imaging including BAF of the optic nerve head using Heidelberg Spectralis. Neuroimaging was done for 5 out of the 8 patients as clinically indicated.


Of the 16 eyes, 6 were clinically suspected of pseudo papilloedema due to optic nerve head drusen and demonstrated hyper autofluorescence compatible with optic nerve head drusen. 1 eye had optic atrophy secondary to chronic optic nerve head swelling. In cases with true disc oedema, an area of hypo autofluorescence (masking) concentric and contiguous to the optic nerve head was observed corresponding to swollen nerve fibres. The BAF pattern complemented the clinical decision making process in diagnosis of optic nerve head swelling by confirming or excluding optic nerve head drusen.


BAF images can be helpful in diagnosing true optic nerve head swelling and can be a useful tool to exclude optic nerve head drusen. Further larger studies would define BAF's diagnostic features of optic disc oedema.

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