OCT, OCT-Angiography and fluorescence angiography for myopic choroidal neovascularization

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First Author: R.Fulga GERMANY

Co Author(s):    A. Fricke   F. Kretz   G. Auffarth   D. Breyer   K. Klabe   H. Kaymak              

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ophthalmologists a greater challenge. Now, we have a new method, the optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A), that gives us several details about the structural features of the myopic CNV.


Internationale Innovative Ophthalmochirurgie Düsseldorf, Germany; International Vision Correction Research Network, Germany


In 6 patients with secondary CNV and high myopia (> 6 diopters and> 26 mm axial length), the following investigations were performed: fluorescein angiography, OCT and OCT-A (Cirrus HD-OCT; Zeiss / DRI OCT; Topcon). The OCT-A characteristics of CNV were analyzed and correlated with fluorescence angiography and OCT.


In OCT-A, CNV appears as a large hyperintense vascular anastomotic network. Comparing the different findings in fluorescence angiography and OCT with the OCT-A, characteristic features with activity signs that change under anti-VEGF therapy can be seen.


The OCT-A provides additional information that can lead to a better understanding of the pathologies and allows the diagnosis and assessment of the morphological aspects of CNV in patients with high myopia. However, it does not appear to be sufficient when used alone and should be used for diagnosis in combination with OCT and fluorescence angiography.

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