Optical coherence topography angiography in hereditary optic neuropathies

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First Author: Saint Martin FRANCE

Co Author(s):    S. Leruez   P. Reynier   V. Procaccio   J. Choao de la Barca   G. Lenaers                 

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To describe vascular network in retina from patients with hereditary optic neuropathies (LHON, DOA) using OCT-Angiography imaging.


Prospective case series study. A total of 90 eyes of 15 patients and 30 controls were included.


8 patients had OPA1 mutation and were diagnosed with Dominant Optical Atrophy, 7 patients had mitochondrial DNA mutation with Leber Hereditary Optical Neuropathies. Each patient was compared to 2 witnesses (same age, same sex). OCT-A XR Optovue system using 4.5 × 4.5-mm scans were analyzed on radial parapapillary capillary and nerve head levels of segmentation, and 6 × 6-mm scans on superficial and deep macula. Multivariate statistical strategies were used to analyses the large number of variables, like flow area and vessels density of each eye in the different sectors.


We demonstrate that peripapillary flow area and macular vessels density are significantly decreased in LHON and DOA, and that microvascular network is reduced in both disease compared to controls.


DOA and LHON patients show clear alterations of the inner vascular network at the emergence of the optic nerve, highlighting a role of vessels organization in the aetiology of these hereditary diseases.

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