Photoreceptor density evaluated with adaptative optics after primary pars plana vitrectomy for macula off retinal detachment

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First Author: R.Chems Eddine FRANCE

Co Author(s):    M. Afriat   C. Arndt                          

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To evaluate photoreceptors density using adaptive optics (AO) after successful surgery of retinal detachment (RD) involving the macula


Retrospective case study


For this observational clinical study, we included retrospectively patients operated for macula-off RD between January and December 2016. Imaging with an AO camera ( RTX1, Imagine eyes, Orsay, France), optical coherence tomography with B-Scan and C-scan (OCT) analysis were made 3 months after the last surgery. Gas resorption had to be complete in case of previous gas tamponade, silicone had to be removed for more than 3 months.


A total of 20 patients were included. Among this group, in only 2 patients, photoreceptor density could be be analyzed on AO images. The first patient had a retinal detachment fixed reattached with silicone oil. Far visual acuity was 1.0, near vision 0.6. OCT of the macula was normal, without any alteration of the ellipsoide or interdigitation zone. AO analysis found a decrease of photoreceptors density compared to the healthy eye. For the second patient perfluoropropane gas was used, far visual acuity was 0.9, near vision 0.6. On the macular OCT the ellipsoid zone was splited and AO analysis found a decrease of photoreceptors density compared to the healthy eye. In the other cases, media opacity or epiretinal membrane formation did not enable to evaluate photoreceptor density.


Analysis of photoreceptor density remains difficult in many cases of postoperative imaging after retinal detachment surgery. AO imaging appears to be dependent on clear media and inner retinal integrity. When imaging was possible, the decrease of photoreceptor density could be shown even if B Scan OCT was normal.

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