Optical coherence tomography findings in pathological myopic eyes

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First Author: E.Beyazyıldız TURKEY

Co Author(s):    M. Citirik   E. Omay                          

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To observe optical coherence tomography (OCT) Findings in Pathological Myopic Eyes


SB.Ulucanlar Research and Training Hospital


One hundred and nineteen eyes of 65 pathological myopia (refraction over 6D and axial length over 26mm) patients were included in this study. Demographic findings, full ophthalmological examination, colour fundus photography (FP), OCT findings (Spectralis; Heilderberg Engineering, Inc, USA) and fundus fluorescein angiography photos of patients were recorded.


Thirty two (49.2%) of patients were male and 33 (50.8%) of them were female and mean ages of patients were 54.98 ± 15.56 (17-77) years. Main fundus findings were peripapillary atrophy (94.1%), diffuse chorioretinal atrophy (CRA) (59.7 %), tilted optic disc (47.9%) and posterior staphyloma (46.2%). Main OCT findings were chorioretinal thinning consistent with diffuse CRA (59.7%), macular sloping consistent with posterior staphyloma (46.2%), dome shaped macula (25.2%), partial posterior vitreous detachment (17.6%), choroidal neovascularization (CNV) scar (14.3%), steep slope (14.3%), vascular microfold (12.6%), chorioretinal thinning consistent with localized CRA (11.8%), epiretinal membrane (10.9%), macular foveoschisis (10.1%), posterior precortical vitreous space (10.1%), active CNV (9.2%), peripheric retinoschisis (6.7%), intraretinal cyst (3.4%), macular atrophy (2.5%), lamellar hole (2.5%) and miscellaneous findings (vitreoschisis, intrachoroidal cavitation, irregularity of scleral contour) (16.9%).


Various retinal and choroidal pathologies are more commonly seen in pathological myopic eyes than healthy eyes. Early and minor pathologies are commonly missed in these eyes due to diffuse retinal thinning and chorioretinal changes seen in these eyes. So OCT is becoming an important tool to localize these anatomical changes and relations with other pathologies in these eyes.

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