Dome-shaped macula in myopic eyes; Description of findings by optical coherence tomography

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First Author: D.Baddar EGYPT

Co Author(s):    N. Soliman   S. Embabi                          

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To describe findings in myopic eyes with dome-shaped configuration of the macula using Spectral Domain-optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). Findings described involve vitreous, retina, choroid and sclera


Case series Retrospective chart review in Al Watany Eye Hospital in Cairo


Retrospective chart review Eight eyes of 5 myopic patients with dome-shaped macula (DSM) Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography


DSM is associated with 1- vitreoretinal interface abnormalities 2- Schisis of the retina at the level of the Outer plexiform layer (OPL) and Ganglion Cell layer (GCL) 3- myopic CNV showing good response to intravitreal anti-VEGF 4- Submacular scleral thickening 5- Choroidal vessel caliber changes 6- Subretinal fluid (with no detected CNV)


DSM is a newly described entity with unique findings in the posteior pole affecting all layers. SD-OCT with EDI is diagnostic tool. OCT-Angiography can add future insights

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