Can applying a risk stratification system, preoperatively, reduce intraoperative complications during phacoemulsification?

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First Author: T.Young Zvandasara UK

Co Author(s):    J. Hansell   M. Muhtaseb                          

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To assess if the application of a simple, robust, validated preoperative scoring system can reduce the rates of intraoperative complications if patients are assigned to the appropriately experienced surgeon’s list and surgical time is modified accordingly.


Prospective data collection in a District General Hospital.


One thousand one hundred and thirty five (1135) consecutive patients undergoing phakoemulsification cataract surgery were assessed preoperatively according to weighted criteria. According to the points of risk they accumulated using this system, the patients were preoperatively allocated to one of four risk groups. The total rate of intraoperative complications for each risk group as well as the rate of each reported complication for each risk group was calculated.


The rate of intraoperative complications through the risk groups was: 1 = 0.62%, 2 = 0.44%, 3 = 0.18%, and 4 = 0% (p=0.005). Thirty seven percent 37% (n=420) of all operations were performed on eyes of patients carrying at least one risk factor for intraoperative complications. The overall rate of any intraoperative complication was 1.2% (n=14). There was a 0.4% (n=5) rate of a posterior capsule tear with 2 of these cases with vitreous loss.


Risk stratification, allowing adequate theatre time and appropriate surgical experience, can reduce the rates of intraoperative complications. The risk stratification system allows for better planning of surgical lists and could be used as a transition for those trainees deemed to have sufficient experience for the more ‘challenging’ cases under adequate supervision.

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