Outcome of macular hole surgery with ilm peeling with no prone positioning for larger holes - A case series

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First Author: S.Pandey INDIA

Co Author(s):    P. Pandey                             

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To assess the need of prone positioning for larger full thickness macular holes


Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Centre


6 patients who underwent macular hole surgery with ilm peeling and gas tamponade with immediate 6 hrs of prone positioning were included. All the holes were >400μ in basal diameter and duration of symptoms were less than 6 months.The patients were maintained in upright position thereafter. Non-expansile concentration of gas tamponade was used.All the patients were operated by a single surgeon.


We had a 100 percent closure rate in all our patients with a visual improvement of upto 3 lines. None of our patients had any deleterious effect of gas tamponade. None of the patients developed a gas cataract. None of the patients were given any additional head down posture than the initial 6 hours.


We concluded that no head down position works well with even patients with larger holes. Dry macula remains the prime aim and this can be achieved by even by the gas tamponade. This is specially useful for some patients who are not able to maitain a head down position like one patient in our study who had kyphoscoliosis.

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