Differences in axial length, anterior chamber depth, keratometry, and corneal astigmatism in axial myopia

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First Author: H.Kim SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    T. Rim   S. Kim   J. Yang   S. Kim                    

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To investigate differences in axial length, mean keratometry, corneal astigmatism, and anterior chamber depth in axial myopic eyes with no history of ocular surgery


This investigation was a hospital-based, retrospective, cross-sectional study using case-control matching.


This study involved 17,120 patients with no history of ocular surgery who underwent optical biometry (IOL-Master) in both eyes. To manage extreme axial length values, we enrolled patients from the 0.5th–99.5th percentiles. Using the mean axial length as the standard, adult patients aged 20 years and over were divided into four groups: mean axial length < 24 mm, 24 mm ≤ mean axial length < 26 mm, 26 mm ≤ mean axial length < 28 mm, and 28 mm ≤ mean axial length. To adjust for age and sex biases, 1:1:1:1 random matching was performed


The longer the mean axial length in both eyes, the greater the differences in axial length, mean keratometry, anterior chamber depth, and corneal astigmatism in both eyes. This outcome is assumed to be attributable to the difference in axial length. It was observed that the longer the axial length in one eye, the deeper the anterior chamber depth, and the flatter the mean keratometry value, the greater the corneal astigmatism. The anterior chamber depth was shallower and the mean keratometry value increased with increasing age, whereas corneal astigmatism tended to decrease until the patients were in their sixth decade, but increased afterward.


Differences in axial length, anterior chamber depth, mean keratometry value, and corneal astigmatism were large in both eyes among patients with axial myopia. Caution is required when establishing the contralateral eye as the reference eye when studying or treating patients with axial myopia.

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