Use of intravitreal tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and C3F8 gas for submacular haemorrhage

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First Author: M.Siddique UK

Co Author(s):    M. El Melegiu   M. Musadiq   I. Khan                       

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To evaluate the outcome of tPA with C3F8 gas in fresh sub macular haemorrhage


Retrospective, interventional case series


5 consecutive patients who presented with sub macular haemorrhage were injected with tPA and C3F8 within 10 days of bleed. Pre and post treatment central retinal thickness (CRT), size of bleed and visual acuity (VA) was measured.


Out of 5 patient 3 had wet macular degeneration and 2 has retinal artery macroanurysm. CRT, size of bleed and VA ,all improved after tPA gas treatment.


tPA and C3F8 gas with posturing is a good technique to displace the submacular haemorrhage from the macular area and it improves the visual outcome as well.

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