The effectiveness of treating patients resistant to ranibizumab with the pharmaceutical drug aflibercept

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First Author: A.Plyukhova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    M. Budzinskaya   I. Andreeva   P. Sorokin                       

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To assess the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical drug aflibercept for patients resistant to ranibizumab.


Non- randomized and open label study at Federal Stae Budgetary Science Institution*Research Institute of Eye Dseases*


The study included 30 patients (36 eyes) suffering from the exudative form of age-related macular degeneration who had been treated with ranibizumab for 53 weeks without a considerable effect. The average number of intravitreal injections accounted for 7.4 per year. The examination included determining the best visual acuity able to be put right according to the ETDRS scale and the measurement of the thickness and volume of the central area of the retina on the basis of the data from optical coherence tomography.


The evidence from optical coherence tomography shows the resorption of the intra-arterial liquid. The maximum effect of the intravitreal administration of the pharmaceutical drug aflibercept had been achieved by the end of the third loading injection. Before the beginning of treatment with aflibercept, the average thickness of the retina in the central area constituted 340± 70 μm; four weeks later - after three injections - it constituted 290± 44. The volume in the central area was running at 0,2663± 0,0539 and 0,2288± 0,0356 before and after three injections of aflibercept, respectively. No convincing evidence of a considerable increase in visual acuity after the first injection of aflibercept was found, whereas the gain in visual acuity after three injections accounted for 5±2 letters according to the ETDRS scale.


The appearance of the pharmaceutical drug aflibercept has opened new ways of treating patients resistant to ranibizumab.

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