Single dose intravitreal bevacizumab therapy for choroidal neovascularization associated with choroidal nevus

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First Author: M.Citirik TURKEY

Co Author(s):    O. Budakoglu   A. Kocak Altintas   M. Teke                       

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To report a case of unilateral choroidal neovascularization associated with choroidal nevus treated with single dose bevacizumab.


Description of a clinical case of a patient followed in Ophthalmology Consult - Ophthalmology Department of Ulucanlar Eye Education and Research Hospital - Ankara, Turkey.


A 73 year old man presented to the ophthalmology department with progressive, painless vision loss in his right eye for 10 days. He had no other history of systemic and ocular disease. Also he had no history of smoking, alcohol, drug, or trauma.


The best-corrected visual acuity was 20/40 in her right eye and 20/20 in the left. Intraocular pressures with applanation were 17 mmHg OD and 15 mmHg OS respectively. Anterior segment examinations of the bilateral eyes were normal. A posterior segment examination of the left eye was normal. The right eye showed a round, well-delineated, shallow, pigmented nevus. Fluorescein angiography of right eye demonstrated the leakage points throughout the subretinal fluid. Fundus autofluorescence showed mild increased autofluorescence. Spectral domain optical coherence tomography demonstrated the mild-moderate subretinal fluid at macula. Single dose bevacizumab treatment was performed. Four weeks after treatment started subretinal fluid was disappeared at macula and visual acuity of right eye increased to 20/30. During the 12 months follow-up, recurrent subretinal fluid was not observed


These results suggest that single dose bevacizumab may be a potential effective therapeutic option for patients with choroidal neovascularization associated with choroidal nevus that is causing deterioration in vision, particularly when CNV is subfoveal in location.

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