A 2 port inexpensive and effective method of silicone oil removal

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Session Title: Free Paper Session 26: Vitreoretinal Surgery VI

Session Date/Time: Sunday 10/09/2017 | 10:00-11:30

Paper Time: 10:48

Venue: Room 116

First Author: : A.Ohayon ISRAEL

Co Author(s): :    A. Rubowitz                             

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To describe our method of 2-port silicone oil (SO) removal compared with methods described in the literature.


Ophthalmology Department, Meir Medical centre, Kfar-Sava, Israel


A 2-port silicone oil removal technique is described, employing 2 trocars, the first used for passive BSS infusion, and the second for active vacuum SO extraction with the VFE system (Constellation, Alcon, USA).


Compared to methods described in the literature, our technique is fast, simple and cheap, while keeping the posterior capsule intact in pseudophakic patients. In 21 patients so far the redetachment rate was zero.


Our method of 2-port SO removal is advantageous in preserving the posterior capsule in the event of a necessary SO reinjection for possible future redetachment. Furthermore, our method does not require use of a surgical microscope with posterior segment viewing systems, nor does it require opening a full disposable vitrectomy set (with cassete, tubing, endoillumination, and vitreous cutter), thus drastically reducing the procedure's cost.

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