Prevalence of hyperopia in patients with idiopathic ERM undergoing vitrectomy

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Session Title: Free Paper Session 20: Vitreoretinal Surgery V

Session Date/Time: Sunday 10/09/2017 | 08:00-09:30

Paper Time: 08:54

Venue: Room 117

First Author: : M.Messeha EGYPT

Co Author(s): :    B. Fayez   S. Basilly                          

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To detect the incidence of hyperopia in cases of idiopathic macular ERM not related to retinal vascular diseases, ocular inflammatory disease, trauma, intraocular surgery, intraocular tumours, and retinal tear or detachment.


All cases were done in Al Watany Eye Hospital, Cairo, Egypt


Retrospective study on 34 eyes of 31 patients from Dec 2015 to Jan 2017 all patients was diagnosed as macular pucker by routine clinical examination using slit lamp bimicroscopy using 90D or 78D lens. presence of a sheen or abnormal reflectivity of the macular surface was suggestive of an ERM and OCT was done in all cases to confirm the diagnosis of ERM, also careful examination of the retinal vasculature as well as fundus periphery to exclude 2ry causes of ERM formation. The preoperative data was collected including age, sex, history of trauma, vascular disease, ocular surgery, inflammation, tumours, retinal tear or detachment as well as the biometry to cases that did phacovitrectomy during that period. We calculated the axial length of all patients during biometry in cases scheduled for phacovitrectomy and in cases of pseudophakia we collected the old data of previous cataract surgery and considered hyperopia if axial length below 24 mm. All cases in this study was complaining either metamorphopsia and/or significant diminution of vision and so surgery was indicated phacovitrectomy was done in phakic patients and vitrectomy in pseudophakic patients


Axial hyperopia was found in 24 eyes of 24 patients although axial myopia found in 10 eyes of 7 patients and the mean axial length of all patients was 23.755 mm while among hyperopic patients was 22.5975 mm and 26.0725 mm in myopic patients. The mean age of patients with ERM among our study was 67.8 while in hyperopic patients was 68.941 and in myopic patients 65.3 ERM was found in 17 female and 7 male in hyperopic patients that mean 2.43:1 while in myopic patients female equal to male patients 5:5 that mean 1:1 the avarage macular thickening in our study 436.409 micron schesis found only in 2 myopic eyes of the same pt LMH found in 5 hyperopic patients (20.83%) and only in one myopic eye (10%) VMT found in 7 patients (29.1%) of hyperopic patients and retina folding found in 5 patients (50%) of myopic eyes


hyperopia was found in 77.41% of our patients complaining of idiopathic ERM indicated for surgery and more common in female as the incidence of female to male was 2.43:1 the incedence of LMH in hyperopic eye with idiopathic ERM is higher than in myopic eyes ERM is more common among old age wether myopes or hyperopes

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