Anterior chamber angle and anterior segment structure of eyes in children with early stages of retinopathy of prematurity

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Session Title: Free Paper Session 17: Imaging II

Session Date/Time: Saturday 09/09/2017 | 08:00-09:30

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First Author: : W.Wu TAIWAN

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To compare structural differences in the anterior chamber angle (ACA) and related optic components in children with or without retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).


A medical centre in Taiwan


A prospective cross-sectional study was conducted from October 2012 to September 2015.The patients included preterm children with a history of ROP who underwent laser therapy. The controls included age-matched healthy full-term children. The ACA structures were evaluated using gonioscopy.Main outcome measures were the angularity of the anterior chamber and associated anatomical changes.


We examined 54 eyes from 29 preterm children with ROP and 134 eyes from 67 children born at term. The eyes of the ROP children exhibited a significantly narrower ACA, steeper iris curvature, and more anteriorly inserted iris than those of the full-term children (P =< .001, .002, .08, respectively). The eyes of the ROP children also exhibited steeper corneas, shallower anterior chamber depths, thicker lenses, and higher degrees of refractive errors (all P < .001) than those of the full-term children. The axial lengths (AL) had no differences between the two groups (P = .15)


The ACA in the ROP children was narrower and less well developed than that in the full-term children. Myopia in the ROP children was related to an abnormal development of the anterior segment rather than the AL. These changes in angle anatomy and refraction status highlight the importance of careful follow-up investigations to identify the development of glaucoma, refractive errors, or amblyopia in ROP children.

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