The role of ophthalmic endoscope in argus II epiretinal prosthesis implantation: Real-life outcomes

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Session Title: Free Paper Session 8: Vitreoretinal Surgery III

Session Date/Time: Friday 08/09/2017 | 08:00-09:30

Paper Time: 08:24

Venue: Room 111

First Author: : E.Ozmert TURKEY

Co Author(s): :    A. Idil   S. Demirel   F. Sermet                       

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To decrease the incidence of pars plana sclerotomy incision-related complications, inadequate placement of the electrode array over the fovea and tacking issues of Argus II epiretinal prosthesis implantation in retinitis pigmentosa (RP) patients, thereby to enhance the anatomical and functional outcomes


We used 23-G fused-fiber type ophthalmic endoscope during the regular course of Argus II implantation surgery in two patients with late-stage RP


With endoscopic assistance, we have controlled the prescribed scleral incision site internally in order to confirm the proper location before making the incision. With the side viewing capability of the endoscope, we could check the tack position and the contact between the electrode array and the macula. At the end of the surgery, peripheral retina was controlled for chorioretinal complications with endoscope internally without scleral depression thereby avoiding any damage on the electronics which were sutured around the globe at the begining of surgery. Two RP patients’ postoperative real-life outcomes were recorded and displayed by videos and compared with their pre-operative status at the postoperative 9th and 15th months respectively


We have not encountered any complications such as retinal tear/ detachment, choroidal detachment, hypotony due to wound leakage and /or ciliary body damage, improper contact between array and inner surface of macula , damage to electronic parts and tacking issues per-operatively and during the follow-up (9 and 15 months)


Using this novel technique, we were able to perform more controlled regular Argus II implantation surgery in RP with decreased serious complication resulting in improved anatomical/functional outcomes and real-life activities

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