Vitreoretinal surgery for advanced retinopathy of prematurity: Anatomical and functional outcomes

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Session Title: Free Paper Session 8: Vitreoretinal Surgery III

Session Date/Time: Friday 08/09/2017 | 08:00-09:30

Paper Time: 08:00

Venue: Room 111

First Author: : I.Akkoyun TURKEY

Co Author(s): :    S. Oto   E. Ercan   Z. Kayhan   A. Ecevit   G. Yilmaz                 

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To describe the long-term outcomes following vitrectomy for advanced retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).


Vitreoretinal surgery for advanced retinopathy of prematurity


A retrospective chart review was conducted of patients with diagnosis of ROP stage 4A, 4B, who underwent lens-sparing vitrectomy (LSV) and diagnosis of ROP stage 5, who underwent combined lensectomy and vitrectomy (LV) and had a follow-up of at least 2 years. Eyes with a concurrent anatomic abnormality, such as coloboma or microcornea, or a known family history of familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR), were excluded. All surgeries were performed by a single surgean (IA).


Thirty-one eyes of 28 patients were included in the study. The mean follow-up was 6.2 years (11-2 years). The reattachment rate was 100% (3/3) for stage 4A, 90.4% (21/19) for stage 4B, and 57.1% (7/4) for stage 5. Of all eyes, who underwent succesful lens-sparing LSV, 10.5% (19/2) required lensectomy because of lens opacity within 11-14 months after LSV. Scleral buckling was added in stage 5 cases (7/3) where LSV alone would not sufficiently relieve tractional forces. The mean logMar VA was 1.0 for stage 4A, 1.7 for stage 4B, and 3.0 for stage 5 in anatomically succesful operated eyes. Because of neurological comorbitities, VA in 3 eyes (9.6%) could not be measured or had no light perception.


Vitrectomy tends to result in poor vision in eyes with ROP stage 5. Lens-sparing vitrectomy helps to achieve a favorable anatomical and functional outcome in selected cases of Stage 4 ROP.

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