Paediatric vitreoretinal surgery with 10-year follow-up

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Session Title: Free Paper Session 6: Vitreoretinal Surgery II

Session Date/Time: Thursday 07/09/2017 | 14:30-16:00

Paper Time: 15:12

Venue: Room 111

First Author: : M.Treacy IRELAND

Co Author(s): :    D. Kilmartin                             

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To ascertain the case-mix and determine the eventual outcome of paediatric patients undergoing vitreoretinal surgery at a tertiary referral centre in Ireland


Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, Ireland


A retrospective chart review was carried out on all patients under the age of 18 undergoing vitreoretinal surgery in the years 2002 until 2006.


There were 24 patients who underwent vitreoretinal surgery during that time and four of the patients had bilateral surgery. The median age of the patients was 6.5 years (3 months to 17 years) and 85% were male. Trauma was the most common causative factor accounting for 50% of the cases. Congenital abnormalities such as incontinentia pigmenti, familial exudative vitreoretinopathy, cicatricial retinopathy of prematurity, Coats' disease and Marfan’s disease accounted for a further 30% and uveitis was the indication for the remaining cases. The most common indication for surgery was retinal detachment in 80% of cases, most of these cases had rhegmatogenous detachments, some had tractional and one had an exudative detachment. Scleral buckle was used to treat 60% of cases, combined buckle, pars plana vitrectomy was used in 30% and combined buckle/vitrectomy was used in the remainder. A reattachment rate of 80% was achieved some patients required multiple procedures with an average of 1.7 procedures.


Retinal detachment in childhood is rare and tends to be often complex due to the common association with trauma but can be managed successfully with a combination of surgical approaches.

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