Impact of intraoperative optical coherence tomography in surgical decision making in the first 50 procedures

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Session Title: Free Paper Session 1: Vitreoretinal Surgery I

Session Date/Time: Thursday 07/09/2017 | 09:00-10:30

Paper Time: 10:00

Venue: Room 111

First Author: : C.Arndt FRANCE

Co Author(s): :    D. Bartolomeu   M. Afriat                          

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Clinical management of retinal disease has been completely revolutionized with optical coherence tomography (OCT). Its introduction into the operating suite may have a similar impact on surgical visualization and treatment.


Prospective, single-centre, consecutive case setting.


Intraoperative OCT was routinely performed in 25 G pars plana vitrectomies for epiretinal membrane peeling. A microscope-mounted spectral-domain OCT system was used. Prior to the use of this device, the surgeon estimated whether or not the inner limiting membrane had been removed. This impression was then compared with the intraoperative OCT findings.


Among 50 consecutive procedures, in 41 the inner limiting membrane was removed at the first peeling performed. In 9 cases, the removal of the inner limiting membrane was achieved in two consecutive peeling sessions. In two procedures, the surgeon considered that only the epiretinal membrane and not the inner limiting membrane had been removed whereas the intraoperative OCT demonstrated a complete removal of both membranes. Conversely, in one case, the surgeon estimated that the inner limiting membrane had been removed but it could still be detected on the intraoperative OCT.


Intraoperative OCT during pars plana vitrectomy for membrane peeling may provide surgeons with additional information that may impact perioperative management in some cases.

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