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VSY Biotechnology

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Intraocular Lens (Monofocal, multifocal, toric, multifocal toric and foldable scleral fixation) Cartridge and Injection Systems Sodium Hyaluranat (1.0%, 1.2%, 1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8%, 2.0%) Balance Salt Solution Ophthalmic Knifes

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VRmagic GmbH

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Company contacts: VRmagic GmbH
Augustaanlage 32
68165 Mannheim
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Eyesi Surgical is a simulator for education and professional development in the field of ophthalmic surgery. The embedded curriculum consists of assorted modules teaching cataract and vitreoretinal surgical procedures. With Eyesi Indirect prospective eye care professionals can train indirect binocular ophthalmoscopy. Diagnosis and therapy plan development will be imparted on the basis of didactically adapted authentic cases. All simulators provide a life-like learning environment making it possible for users to train their diagnostic and surgical skills efficiently – without risk to patients and independent from patient flow. Evaluation tools offer an objective and detailed skills assessment.

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Company contacts: VOPTICA S.L.
CEEIM, Campus de Espinardo, 30100
Murcia, Spain

AOnEye is unique in the marketplace. There is not any other device with the capacity to join wavefront sensing with adaptive optics technology. The smart combination of the outcome provided by the HR ocular wavefront sensor, with the functionality of the phase modulator liquid crystal as an active element for reproducing the full correction of the optical conditions of the patient's eye is unique in AOnEye.

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Volk Optical

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Volk are featuring new handheld imaging devices: Pictor Plus, a portable non-
mydriatic retinal camera and Eye Check - a measurement device that provides real time measurements of 7 different eye features. New lenses include a revolutionary Surgical Gonio lens that provides unique ocular control and high resolution contact laser lenses.

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VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc.

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Company contacts: Graham Brown
Sr. Director Sales & Market Development, Europe and Middle East
011 44 75 44263703

VisionCare has developed the first FDA-approved telescope prosthesis demonstrated to improve vision and quality of life in individuals with End-Stage AMD. The telescope implant technology is based on wide-angle micro-optics that, in combination with the optics of the cornea, create a telephoto system that magnifies objects in view. The prosthesis is integral to the CentraSight® treatment program which has been created to help patients follow the necessary steps for proper diagnosis, surgical evaluation, and postoperative care. Our goal is to help patients reconnect to things in life they love to see and do. Please visit our booth for more information

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Vision Share

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Vision Share is the premier organization for supplying human eye tissue for transplant, therapy, medical education, and research. We operate the most advanced network of eye banks in the world, which allows us to serve as a vast resource of industry-leading experience, expertise, and innovation."

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Company contacts: Visiometrics, S.L.
Ctra. N-150, Km. 14.5, Mòdul TR20, IPCT. 08227 Terrassa. (Spain)
Telephone Number: +34 93 736 3210
Fax number: +34 93 736 3212
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Contact person: Jan Bonel

Based on the double-pass technique, OQAS HD Analyzer measures: O.S.I. (Objective Scatter Index) Optical Quality: Real PSF and MTF Pseudo-Accommodation Tear Film break-up time

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Vindico Medical Education

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Company contacts: RetinaCME Staff
ph: 856.994.9400
fax: 856.384.6680

RetinaCME is designed as a convenient, comprehensive knowledge portal devoted to the management of vitreoretinal disorders, their diagnosis and best management practices. Featured learning formats will address different learning styles, and present content in a collective place to increase learners' knowledge integration and decrease time searching for valuable CME. This innovative CME website contains the latest evidence-based content for busy medical specialists and is available, without charge, to any medical professional with internet access.

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VectorVision, Inc.

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Company contacts: VectorVision Inc.
1850 Livingston Rd.
Greenville, OH 45331
Contact: Brian Wilson

On display in Booth G01 are the VectorVision CSV-1000, CSV-1000HGT (Halogen Glare Test), ESV-3000 and the ELCT (Evans Letter Contrast Test). The CSV-1000 product line offers standardized contrast sensitivity, glare and ETDRS testing. The ESV-3000 provides standardized ETDRS, low contrast acuity and pediatric testing. The ELCT is the first standardized letter contrast sensitivity test for evaluating patients with AMD and other retinal diseases. In addition to clinical use, the CSV-1000 and ESV-3000 are widely used in FDA and other clinical trials. VectorVision provides consulting expertise for both the development and implementation of protocols for clinical trials and for data analysis.

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Valon Lasers Oy

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Merimiehenkuja 5
FI-01670 Finland
tel. +358 9 894 616 00

Valon Lasers Oy is a Finnish company concentrated in developing and manufacturing advanced photocoagulators. The results of the dedicated product development can be experienced in the newest product - Valon 5G Multispot Laser, which is designed to be compact and versatile while maintaining all Valon's unique technical features. The 5G Multispot Laser along with Valon TT Multispot laser are available to be tested at Valon lasers booth A18.