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Santen Oy

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Oftaquix® is a modern fluoroquinolone antibiotic. It covers a broad spectrum of ocular pathogens and penetrates the anterior chamber effectively. In addition, Oftaquix has a low risk of resistance.

Cationorm® is a cationic oil-in-water emulsion eye drop recommended to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. Cationorm acts on all three layers of the tear film and provides lubrication, hydration and protection.

Taflotan® (tafluprost) is the first preservative free prostaglandin eye-drop for the treatment of glaucoma. Taflotan® effectively reduces IOP by 27-31% from baseline avoiding adverse reactions from preservatives. It may especially benefit glaucoma patients with dry/sensitive eyes.

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SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH & Co.KG

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Company contacts: SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH & Co.KG
Mainparkstr. 6-10
63801 Kleinostheim
+49 (0) 6027/508-0
+49 (0) 6027/508-208

SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions develops and markets a comprehensive product portfolio for the treatment of ametropia and corneal diseases. It consists of an excimer laser product family representing the forefront of technology today, a sophisticated modular planning software for a uniquely wide range of applications as well as diagnostic systems. The SCHWIND AMARIS product family of excimer lasers has been continuously expanded and is available in three versions – with 1050 Hertz pulse rate and 7D eye tracking (1050RS), with 750 Hertz pulse rate and 6D eye tracking (750S) as well as with 500 Hertz pulse rate and 5D eye tracking (500E).

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SciCan Ltd.

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Company contacts: SciCan GmbH
Wangener Strasse 78
88299 Leutkirch Germany
49 0 7561 98 343 -0

SciCan is a full spectrum infection control solutions provider working together with industry professionals and regulators to provide the market with the most innovative and effective products available. Products include, OPTIM surface cleaners and disinfectants, HYDRIM instrument washer disinfectors, STATIM sterilizers and BRAVO chamber autoclaves for instrument sterilization as well as ENSURE monitoring products to ensure your autoclaves are functioning properly.

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Scope Ophthalmics

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Company contacts: Tel: 0800 270 0253

Scope Ophthalmics are proud to present BlephEx™ - Healthy Lids for Life. Blephex™ is the first and only clinician treatment for Blepharitis. BlephEx™ improves overall eyelid health, reducing scurf and bacterial debris. We will also have our HYLO eye drops which are made from high quality hyaluronic acid (HA) and are totally preservative and phosphate free. In the dry eye range we will also have VitA-POS, a preservative free, night-time ointment. Other products we will promote are OcuSoft Lid Scrub that improve overall lid hygiene and kill demodex. We will also be displaying Omega Eye, an oral omega 3 supplement.

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Second Sight Medical Products

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Company contacts: Second Sight Medical Products
EPFl Innovation Park A
1015 Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 693 91 51

The Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System is the world's first approved device intended to restore some functional vision for people suffering from outer retinal degeneration, such as RP. Argus II is approved for use in Europe (CE Mark) and the USA (FDA). Clinical results have demonstrated that Argus II is reliable over the long term and provides benefits to patients, many of whom have been followed up to 7 years. On average the 30 implanted clinical trial patients studied have improved visual acuity from bare light perception to at least hand movements, with some improving to at least counting fingers.

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Company contacts: Sensimed AG
Route de Chavannes 37
1007 Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 621 9191

Company information not available

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Sensor Medical Technology

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Single use, sterile lenses from Sensor Medical offer convenience, compliance and improved optics for all diagnostic/therapeutic procedures. With no risk of disease transmission, no need for cleaning and disinfection, doctors can have exceptional optics as well as save time and money. Visit our booth and check out these new products.
Sensor Medical also offers binocular indirect lenses, 90D, 78D, 60D, 28D and 20D, at incredible prices, to meet your practice needs.
Our staff of PhDs and clinicians works with ophthalmologists around the globe to bring you exceptional products of the highest quality, at the lowest prices.

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Shanghai MediWorks Precision Instruments Co., Ltd.

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Slit Lamps, Digital Slit Lamps, Vision Chart, Retina Lens, Applanation Tonometer, Portable Slit Lamp

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Sharpoint - Surgical Specialties Corporation

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Company contacts: Surgical Specialties Corporation
100 Dennis Drive
Reading PA
T: 877 991 1110 or +1 610 404 3520

Sharpness is one thing, control is everything
Surgical Specialties Corporation is proud to show the Sharpoint® Clear Control 3D™ range of cataract incision instruments. The thin blade and microbevels make for our sharpest blade yet it delivers precise control throughout the incision.
In addition the complete range of Sharpoint® knives will be exhibited, including the Sharpguard™ and IQ Geometry™. Plus the range of Surgical Specialties premium sutures will be available.

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SHIN-NIPPON (Rexxam Co.,Ltd.)

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LCD-900P DR-900 K-900 NCT-200 N-VISION K5001 CT-1000 SL-500 Pro-pix DL-900 SLM-6000 XL-1

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SIFI MedTech s.r.l.

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MINI IOLs: Aspherical IOLs for mini-incision. They are available also in a preloaded version (MINI READY) - MINI WELL IOL: Preloaded multifocal progressive IOL for mini-incision - OVIDIO D: Medium viscosity, dispersive viscoelastic solution - VISCOTECH: cohesive and super cohesive viscoelastic solutions - EASYRING: single use preloaded capsular tension ring - OCUCHIR SIFI: balanced saline solution - YANG PRODUCTS: instruments for the measurement of visual acuity and visual ability - EYEMEDIA: innovative integrated system for video recording and digital filing of medical videos

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Single antibiotic in multidose and unitdose preservative free presentations, and ophthalmic ointments -Combination of antibiotics in multidose presentations, and ophthalmic ointments -Combination of steroids and antibiotics in multidose and unit dose preservative free presentations, and ophthalmic ointments -NSAIDs in multidose presentations -Steroids in multidose and unit dose preservative free presentations, and ophthalmic ointments -Tear substitutes in multidose and unit dose preservative free presentations -Re-epithelializing agents in unit dose preservative free presentations -Anti glaucoma treatment (ß-blockers, PGs, and ß-blockers/CAI Inhibitors combination) -Nutraceuticals for ARMD and neuroprotection -Medical devices

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SOE 2015

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Company contacts: European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE)
SOE 2015

European Society of Ophthalmology – SOE - was founded in 1956 as 'Societas Ophthalmologica Europea', with the aim of promoting ophthalmology in Europe and stimulating co-operation between European ophthalmologists and their National Societies. SOE is now made up of 40 national member societies in geographical Europe and associate societies in Egypt, Israel and Jordan. As well as organising the biennial Congress, SOE is active in many areas; educational grants, a leadership development programme and a very active Young Ophthalmologists section. For more information visit:
SOE 2015 Congress will take place from 6 – 9 June 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

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SolGent Co., Ltd.

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Sonomed Escalon

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Company contacts: Mr. Barry Durante
Tel: 1-516-354-0900

Sonomed Escalon's products to be displayed is the new VuPad A-Scan/B-Scan/UBM, VuMax HD B-Scan/UBM, Master-Vu B-Scan and A-Scan, PacScan Plus 300AP+ A-Scan/Pachymeter, PacScan Plus 300A+ A-Scan and AXIS Image Management Software.

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SOOFT italia S.p.A.

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SOOFT Italia is a pharmaceutical company selling medicines, medical devices and OTC products for the ophthalmic market. Leader in Trans-Epithelial Cross Linking (EPI-ON) thanks to the efficacy of our products: IONTOPHORESIS, VEGA® UV-A emitter and Riboflavin solutions: RICROLIN+®,and RICROLIN TE®, RICROLIN®. Our aim is also to promote and develop scientific collaborations with world-wide famous opinion leaders in order to enhance knowledge sharing and researches on new therapeutic treatment in behalf of eye care.

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Speedway Surgical Co.

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Company contacts: Ophthalmic Instruments at Factory Prices



Ophthalmic Instruments at Factory Price

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STAAR Surgical AG

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Company contacts: Rodrigo Iturralde
International Marketing & PR Coordinator
STAAR Surgical AG
Mobile: +41 79 126 67 53

The Visian ICL ® V4C.

The Visian ICL ® V4C design incorporates the KS-AquaPORT™, in the center of the ICL optic, to optimize the flow of fluid within the eye. The CentraFLOW™ proprietary technology eliminates the need for the surgeon to perform peripheral iridotomies, which leads to more comfort for the patient and a more convenient, efficient ICL experience for both the patient and the surgeon. Both myopic and myopic toric models of the ICL feature the new design. The V4C model is available in the -0.5D to -18.0D myopic range and +0.5 cylinderpower to +6.0 for the toric models.

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Company contacts: Daniel LICARI


Animal component free media for Transport, Storage and Deswelling Cornea (STEM ALPHA.1, STEM ALPHA.2 and STEM ALPHA.3).

Animal component free medium fir Cryopreservation (STEM ALPHA.Cryo.3).

Research and development.

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Stereo Optical Company, Inc.

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Sterimedix Ltd.

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Company information not available

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SurgiCube International BV

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Company contacts: SurgiCube International BV
Stevinweg 1
3208 KM Spijkenisse

T: +31 (0) 181 760 600

The SurgiCube® provides a localized, optimally filtered, sterile surgical environment to perform microsurgical procedures. The sterile laminar down flow is blown directly on to the operating surface. The surgical team can move around freely without adversely affecting the sterile field. The SurgiCube® leads to significant reduction of costs per intervention, while periodically more interventions can be performed. The SurgiCube® has a modular design and is extremely durable. The unit can be placed in almost any domestically clean and draught-free room. The number of possible applications is endless, including university hospitals, general hospitals, training centers, private clinics, ASC's and outpatient centers.

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Company contacts: Surgistar Inc
820 Corridor Park Blvd
Knoxville, TN 37932
+1 865 671 4300

Surgistar™, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality single use Ophthalmic products for 20 years. Our portfolio numbers over 400 styles and features the broadest selection of microsurgical knives, blades, microkeratome blades, corneal products, cannulas and accessories available. We are proud to introduce the Surgistar Recipient Vacuum Trephines to our Corneal Products range. Look no further for the ultimate in Sharpness and Precision. Surgistar Safety Knives feature sharp and consistent blades with an easy to use single handed operation. Surgistar's manufacturing and marketing team encompasses over 75 years experience in Ophthalmology. Isn't it time to experience Surgistar for yourself!

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Company information not available

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Susruta Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

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Company contacts: Susruta Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
87/3/B, Phase - I, G.I.D.C Vatva,
Ahmedabad - 382445,
Gujarat, India.
Tel : +91-79-25894274
Email :
Web Site :

Our Mission is to serve ophthalmologists, particularly Cataract and IOL Implant surgeons world over by providing them with better tools at economical price. We realize that to do this better we will have to have continued close interaction with the ophthalmologists to understand their changing needs.

We are ISO 13485:2003 compliant for our quality system. Almost all of our products are CE certified.

Our product range includes Micro Surgical Knives, Cannulas – disposable and reusable, Instruments – S.S, Ti.

We have recently included IOL's (Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic &PMMA) in our product portfolio.

We specialize in Designing and Developing micro surgical instruments

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Synergetics' mission is to design, manufacture and market innovative vitreoretinal surgical devices, equipment and consumables of the highest quality in order to assist and enable surgeons who perform surgery around the world to provide a better quality of life for their patients. Our distribution channels include a combination of direct and independent sales organizations and important strategic alliances. The company's product lines focus upon precision engineered, disposable and reusable devices, surgical equipment, procedural kits and the delivery of various energy modalities for the performance of surgery.