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MST (MicroSurgical Technology)

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Company contacts:

MST Manufactures and provides innovative products for anterior segment surgery, including the following popular products: High quality single use Packer/Chang IOL cutters and 25g Ahmed Micro-Graspers, Dewey Radius Phaco Tips, Seibel Capsulorhexis Forceps, Malyugin Ring®, MST Iris Hooks, MST Capsule Retractors.

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MoVu Inc.

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Movu Inc. has developed an innovative optical biometer which provides improved success rates and accuracy in optical biometry measurement supporting IOL selection for Cataract surgery. The measurement of nine parameters (axial length, corneal thickness, ACD, lens thickness, pupil diameter, white-to-white, K-values, astigmatism) can be acquired in one second, and is also extremely intuitive and error-free using the revolutionary "whole eye imaging" technique based on swept source optical coherence tomography.

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Moss Vision Inc., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Commercial Offices:

120,Viglen House,
Alperton Lane,
United Kingdom.
Phone :- +44 2086017128


Moss Vision Inc. Limited was established in 2006 in the United Kingdom. We are into manufacturing of CE certified Intraocular Lenses and ophthalmic solution for use in extra capsular cataract extraction.

We also make customized products on request. We are an ISO 9001: 2000 / ISO 13485: 2003 certified organization and our main objective is to give our patients and practitioners high quality products to their level of satisfaction

• A varied portfolio of products
• Distribution in more than 30 countries

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Moria has designed and developed different products that each contributes to improve the surgical procedures. - Corneal transplant systems and instruments for DSAEK, Ultra-Thin DSAEK, DMEK, ALTK, DALK, and PK surgeries. - LASIK microkeratomes such as the One Use-Plus SBK with new oval rings. - High performance hand-held instruments offered in 3 versions: the classic all-metal line, the innovative Composites line and the single-use One® line.

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Morcher GmbH

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Company contacts:

Capsular Tension Rings, Capsular Tension Segments, Cionni Rings For Scleral Fixation, Capsular Edge Rings, Foldable Closed Rings, Hydrophobic IOLs, Hydrophilic IOLs, PMMA
IOLs, Bag-In-The-Lens, Aniridia Rings, Aniridia Implants, Partial Aniridia Implants, Anterior Chamber IOLs, Sclera IOLs, Phakic IOLs, Diplopia Implants, Pupil Dilator, Caliper Rings

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Moorfields Pharmaceuticals

Website address:

Company contacts: Moorfields Pharmaceuticals
25 Provost Street
N1 7NH

Manuel Kirk - Export Manager

Moorfields Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturing arm of the world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

We produce the widest range of ophthalmic specials in the U.K. and over the last few years have launched a portfolio of licensed cost effective, preservative-free products.

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Millennium Biomedical Inc (MBI)

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Millennium Biomedical Inc. (MBI) is manufacture of hydrophobic IOLs. We are located in USA, where our products are held to the highest American quality standards for sales and distribution worldwide.We have developed our own innovative Hydrophobic Acrylic, biocompatible material, with Blue Blocker UV additiv. MBI IOL are delivered in preloaded Injector.

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MID Labs, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Contact: Steven Smith
MID Labs, Inc.
557 McCormick Street San Leandro, CA, USA 94577
Tel: +510 357 3952

MID Labs was founded by Dr. Carl Wang. Dr. Wang has been associated with vitreoretinal surgery from its infancy. MID has been an industry innovator for for 35 years, beginning with Dr. Wang developing the first complete surgical system for posterior vitrectomy in 1975. For 2014, MID Labs Introduces: Performance Optimized 20, 23, 25 and 27 Gauge Vitreous Cutters 23, 25 and 27 Gauge CIS (Trocar Systems) UVE, Ultra High-Speed Vitreous Cutting System Endolaser Probes, Flexible and Steerable Illumination Chandeliers

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Micro Medical Devices, Inc.

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Company contacts: Micro Medical Devices, Inc
23945 Calabasas Road, Suite 110
Calabasas, California 91302-1503

Tel.: 818.222.3310
Fax: 818.337.1952

A2000 Tablet & E-Z Tip Immersion
P2000 Tablet
P2000 FP

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VISUAL FUNCTION devices and TESTS for clinical and research studies MONCVONE – Full field static and kinetic perimeter MONPACKONE – Multifunction stimulator MONCV3 – Multifunction visual perimetry system MONBABY– Stand-alone system for recording flash ERGs and VEPs MONBABYBOX – Control unit for MonBaby VISUAL ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY Flash, pattern and multifocal ERGs. Flash, pattern, multifocal, sweep and stereo VEPs. Sensory EOG. PSYCHOPHYSICS Kinetic and static perimetry. Goldmann perimetry Macular pigment density, metamorphopsia. Contrast sensitivity, glare, dark adaptation. EYE MOVEMENTS Electronystagmography. Video-oculography. Pupillometry (static and dynamic).

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MERIDIAN AG, successors to LASAG developers of the first commercially successful Nd:YAG for ophthalmology – continue to grow and this year invite you to visit their booth to see their new brilliant small, light, quiet and cool (in all senses of the word!) MERILAS 577α yellow laser. As with their now well-established MERILAS 532α green laser the MERILAS 577α may be used with, and easily changed between, your slit lamp, operating microscope or laser indirect ophthalmoscope. It may also be built into our MICRORUPTOR V Nd:YAG laser allowing for all non-refractive laser applications to be performed through one slit lamp.

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MedOne Surgical, Inc.

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MedOne offers a great line of innovative products for retina surgery including specialized cannulas and backflush instruments. Visit our booth to see what is new for 2014.

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Medisoft Limited

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Medisoft provides a range of software to drive improvements in quality, efficiency and safety, based around our flagship product, Medisoft Ophthalmology.

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Mediphacos Ltda.

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Company contacts: Mediphacos
+55 31 2102-2211

Mediphacos: an EXTENSIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO covering the keratoconus treatment field, including the pioneering Keraring intra-corneal ring, the Esclera scleral contact lens, as well as corneal crosslinking. Combined with its cataract product line, Mediphacos provides surgeons with a full-range of innovative and premium quality tools.

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Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc

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Company information not available

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Medicontur International S.A.

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IOL's, Bi-Flex platform, Medjet, Capsular tension ring

Aptissen: Viscoelastics, Healaflow, Rexicoat

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MEDICEM International CR, s.r.o.

Website address:

Company contacts: MEDICEM International
Ing. Peter Baranovic, MBA
International Commercial Director

The new step in evolution of IOLs for the patients with cataract and presbyopia. Supreme vision to far and intermediate,with restored reading capability, in all light conditions. For more visit

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Medicel AG

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Company contacts: Medicel AG
+41 (0)71 727 10 50

PREMIUM PRODUCTS FOR MICRO INCISION SURGERY FOUR GENERATIONS LENS INJECTION SYSTEM for incisions of 2.8 to 1.5 mm enable safe and efficient injection of any acrylic 1- and 3-piece IOL. The ingenious design of the extra-large loading chamber of the ACCUJECT SYSTEM guarantees precise loading. PHACO – ACCESSORIES for safe and efficient MICS and COMICS techniques, fully compatible with any equipment including high-quality disposable and reusable titanium PHACO-TIPS 19 – 23G with infusion-sleeves. Disposable, semi-disposable and reusable I/A INSTRUMENTS for coaxial and bimanual techniques. 23G and 25G TROCAR SYSTEM one step.

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Website address:

Company contacts: medeuronet France (head office)
4 rue de Sarrelouis
Strasbourg, France 67000
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 10 04 10
Write us to:

medeuronet is a pan-European company with a mission to accelerate time to market, ensure successful launches and drive profitable sales growth for innovative, start-up and established medical device companies.
A strategic commercial partner, medeuronet works with medical device companies from pre-market launch preparation through to execution of sales strategy.
Follow medeuronet on Twitter:

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MEDA CO., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Terrence Zhao
Title: International Manager

MEDA Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-22-83713808 X 8033
Fax: +86-22-83713880
Mobile: 86-15900298557

MD-1000A/P Ultrasonic Biometer for Ophthalmology
- It's our flagship biometer & pachymeter
MD-2300S Ultrasonic A/B Scanner for Ophthalmology
- It's our ophthalmic tablet and latest A/B Scanner
MD-320W Ultrasound Biomicroscope
- It's our portable UBM product.

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Med -Logics, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Ryan Janke, Surgical Sales Specialist
1627 Enterprise Street
Athens, TX 75751

MED-LOGICS will exhibit the ML7 Microkeratome, CLB LASIK Blades, three DSAEK Systems, CleanTough PVA Eye Spears and the CataPulse Lens Removal System. MED-LOGICS is focused on improved patient outcomes for LASIK, DSAEK and Refractive Lens procedures. The ML7 provides ideal patient outcomes at an appealing price point that allows the surgeon to enjoy higher surgical volume. The CataPulse is the first real "Phaco-Free" technology and addresses the disadvantages of phaco. The CataPulse is a portable system and features a disposable preassembled handpiece.

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Meccanottica Mazza S.R.L.

Website address:

Company contacts: MECCANOTTICA MAZZA S.R.L.
Via Tiziano. 9
20841 Carate Brianza (MB) Italy
Tel. +39 0362 902185
Fax +39 0362 903306


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MDT Sp.z.o.o.

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Market Scope

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Company contacts: Market Scope, LLC
9859 Big Bend Blvd. Suite 202
St. Louis, MO 63122
Phone: (314) 835-0600
Fax: (314) 835-0606
E-mail us at

Market Scope is the leading source for market data, independent perspective, and objective analysis in today's ophthalmic marketplace.
Since 1998, Market Scope has surveyed ophthalmologists regarding procedure volumes, surgical techniques, and product use. We use this data, along with our extensive database of ophthalmologists and surgery centers, our wide-ranging knowledge of ophthalmic products and technology, and our comprehensive network of industry contacts, to report on the ophthalmic industry.

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MANI, Inc.

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MANI, INC., located in Japan, has been contributing to the world-wide medical field for almost 60 years with our company policy "The best quality in the world, to the world". As ophthalmic products, we are proud of introducing high-quality single-use Ophthalmic Knives, Sutures and Trocar Kits. The special feature of them is "The ultimate in sharpness" which helps smooth & less-stress incision. In this exhibition, we introduce New Products "MANI Trocar Kit" which contributes to the simple surgical technique with the closure valve and ''MANI Safety Knife'' which is designed to protect health professionals from accidental injury and the blade.

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Malosa Medical are The Specialists in Single-Use. Our innovative range of single-use instruments and procedure packs for every ophthalmic procedure are your guarantee of precision and safety, every time.

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Madhu Instruments

Website address:

Company contacts: Madhu Instruments Pvt Ltd
F-90/3d, Okhla Industrial Area,
Phase 1
New Delhi - 110020
Ph: +91-11-42701030
Mobile - +919810333853
email -

Gonioscopes, YAG Laser lenses, Aspheric Lenses Trephine, Punch, Teflon Blocks Fluorescein, Schirmer, Lissamine Green & Rose Bengal Ophthalmic Strips PVA & Cellulose Sponge Spears Silicon Tip Cannula, Infusion Cannula, Magnets, Backflush handles, Silicon bands Iris Retractors, Capsule Hooks, Casular Tension Rings, Lens glides, Phaco sleeves Phaco Blades Lacrimal Intubation Sets, Cannulas Phaco and Laser Practice Eyes, Eyeball Stand

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MacuVision Europe Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Tel: +44 (0)121 506 6770

Blythe Valley Innovation Centre
Central Boulevard
Blythe Valley Business Park
B90 8AJ

MacuVision is the UK's leading eyecare product manufacturer. Specialising in products specifically for macular health. MacuVision supports world class research and is proud to "Trust The Science".

Our main product line is the MacuShield range, revolving around a blend of carotenoids which uniquely includes Meso-Zeaxanthin and is designed to rebuild macular pigment in all individuals. Increasing the pigment is shown to improve visual performance and reduce the risk of developing AMD.

For more information, please contact us on 0044 (0) 121 506 9282 or through our website:

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M.E.D. Medical Products GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Tanja Olbort
M.E.D. Medical Products GmbH
D 63791 Karlstein - Am Sportplatz 9
Telefon: +49 (0) 61 88 / 95 95 –420
Telefax: +49 (0) 61 88 / 95 95 –981

M.E.D. Medical Products GmbH manufactures high-quality, all-inclusive surgery packs for all surgical fields. In our in-house production and assembly facility, we produce complete standard or individual custom packs with patient drape systems, covers, gowns, gloves, cannulae, syringes, knives, instruments, tubing, swabs, sutures, etc. – Safe, quick and comfortable solutions for your OR. Streamline disposable packs minimize pre-operation times, need less storage and are easy to re-order. All packs are Made in Germany, ce-marked and in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485
Inquire with us for your opportunity to distribute this rewarding product