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CRST Europe

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Company contacts: Laura Straub, Editor-in-Chief
+1 484 581 1828

Positioned within the European ophthalmic marketplace, CRST Europe provides content for both physicians and industry. Stop by the booth to receive your free copies.

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Croma-Pharma GmbH

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Company contacts: Croma-Pharma GmbH
Stockerauerstrasse 181
2100 Korneuburg

Versario Multifocal®
EyeCee One
Cornea Protect®
Olixia® Pure
Olixia® Care

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Company contacts: Aurélia HERVE
Marketing Manager
+33 1 34 32 30 65
+33 6 81 66 75 69

Cristalens Industrie, FRENCH manufacturer of Intraocular lens for cataract and refractive surgery, offers unique choice to the surgeon: Unique raw material for: ARTIS hydrophobic PRELOADED SYSTEM at less than 2.0 mm incision and new ARTIS TORIC hydrophobic PRELOADED Aspherical and innovative design to keep refractive stability. REVERSO, a multifocal for correction of presbyopia in pseudophakic patients. CLARE: Hydrophilic Acrylic Aspheric MICS 1.8 mm CRISTAL: Hydrophilic Acrylic open "C" loops Cristalens develops today, new medical devices to serve tomorrow's ophthalmology. And Cristalens is present throughout the world to assist you.

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Company contacts: Contateq
Marinus van Meelweg 2
5657 EN Eindhoven, The Netherlands
T: +31(0)40 320 00 20

CONTATEQ offers fully moulded semi-finished intraocular lenses with finished optics (no lathing required) made from a high refractive index (1.56) hydrophobic polymer. Using an Innovative and fully automated production technology CONTATEQ is able to supply products, which will substantially lower production times and overall production costs. CONTATEQ is a joint venture company setup by CONTAMAC Ltd (Biocompatible Polymer Specialist) and INNOVALENS B.V (Optical Production Technology Specialist).

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Contamac Ltd.

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Company contacts:

Come and speak to the CONTAMAC Team about our new hydrophobic products, world leading hydrophilic materials and cooperation opportunities for the development of biocompatible polymers for lathing or moulding production platforms. CONTAMAC is the partner of choice for all your material requirements and contract manufacturing in particular for products requiring USA FDA approval or any other regulatory accreditation.

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Clarity Medical Systems

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Company contacts: Clarity Medical Systems, Inc.
Tel: +1-925-463-7984
Toll Free (US): +1-800-215-6005
Fax: -1-925-463-7993

RetCam™ Digital Imaging Systems: RetCam™ Digital Imaging Systems deliver the next generation of ophthalmic visualization and photo documentation for Pediatric Ophthalmology.

RCRS™ RetCam Review Software: RCRS™ (RetCam Review Software) creates a worldwide network solution providing users the ability to remotely store, retrieve, view, and annotate RetCam data and images.

HOLOS IntraOp™ Wavefront Aberrometer: HOLOS IntraOp™, is a continuous real-time intra-operative aberrometer for refractive cataract surgery and designed to provide high accuracy, real-time, intraoperative refractive guidance and data.

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Company contacts: CILITA Ltd.,
61 Oktyabrskaya St.., 390010 Ryazan, Russia
tel./fax: +74912955083

CILITA Ltd., a Russian manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments, offers an extensive range of top-quality microsurgical reusable forceps, scissors, calipers, markers, hooks, phacochoppers, sapphire knives, needle holders, probes, retractors, spatulas, speculums and vitreo-retinal instruments. Only high-grade titanium alloys and stainless steel is used. Adherence to the highest quality standards is guaranteed.

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ChongQing SunKingdom Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Company contacts:

Profrssional manufacture of ophthalmology instrument like slit lamp, fundus camera and perimeter

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ChongQing KangHuaRuiMing Science Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Company contacts:

Company information not available

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Centervue S.p.A

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Company contacts: CenterVue SpA
Via San Marco, 9H
35129 Padova (Italy)

ph. +39 049 7396 147

CenterVue designs, produces and distributes highly automated medical devices to diagnose and manage important eye pathologies.
Our goal is to offer user-friendly diagnostic devices and high-value services that allow Eye Care Specialists to preserve patients' sight and quality of vision, in particular by detecting preventable diseases.
CenterVue headquarters is in Padova, Italy, with the US branch in San Jose, California. CenterVue is present in over 70 countries with its distribution network.

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Ceatus Media Group

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Ceatus Media Group specializes in building patient volume for premiere Ophthalmologists through concierge online marketing strategies. Our customized products include SEO, Website Design, Patient Referral Directories, Social Media, and Cloud-based Hosting Services. We provide your premium practice with dominant visibility and increased patient volume. Grow your practice, visit

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Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

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Company information not available

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Care Group

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Company contacts: Vipan Duggal
Care Gorup India
Mobile: + 91 9810031693

Intra Ocular lenses (IOLs)
Corneal rings
Diagnostic strips

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Cardivon Surgical

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Company contacts:

We offer forceps, needle holders, scissors, choppers, retinal forcpes, retinal scissors, choppers, hooks, cannulas and the like for varioius ophthamics surgeries. Reusable titanium ophthalmic microsurgical instruments Disposable stainless steel ophthalmic surgical instruments Ophthalmic nano diamond knife and Sapphire knife

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Canon Europa N.V.

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Company contacts: Canon Europa N.V.
Bovenkerkerweg 59
1185 XB Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Tel. + 31 20 545 81 41
Fax + 31 20 545 82 20
Email :

Canon's extensive line of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment includes the world first full automatic OCT, innovative digital retinal cameras (Mydriatic & non Mydriatic) of which most offer the exciting FAF functionality for o.a. AMD Screening, with intuitive control software to enhance patient care, a full auto non-contact tonometer & pachymeter, a full auto-ref Keratometer. Please visit our booth or website. We would be delighted to welcome you on our booth

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Calhoun Vision, Inc.

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Company contacts: Calhoun Vision, Inc.
Alex Huang
171 N. Altadena Drive, Suite 201, Pasadena, CA 91107, USA
(626) 219-1475

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL®) is the only intraocular lens in the world that has the ability to be fine-tuned and adjusted after implantation, and can optimize patients' vision at near, intermediate, and far distances.

The LAL allows surgeons to adjust the power of the lens to meet each individual patient's unique anatomy and visual requirements. No other lens in the world has the ability to be adjusted after being implanted in the eye.

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Website address:

Company contacts: C.S.O.
Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici
Via degli Stagnacci 12/e
50018 Scandicci

Tel + 39 055 7221957
Fax + 39 055 721557
Email contact address:

Contact: Mr. Riccardo Nicoletti (

CSO (Italy) is an international leader in ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. SIRIUS device combines a Scheimpflug camera together with advanced Placido topography and pupillometry. This is the new generation of corneal tomography! Non-contact Specular Microscope PERSEUS, the new LED Elite digital slit lamp with new High-Resolution camera, the new ANTARES Topography System with dry-eye tools, and the Retimax electrophysiology system are shown. VEGA device for cross-linking treatment is on the booth, with COBRA, an advanced non-midriatic retinal camera with a very affordable price! Refraction unit "Fusion" is shown, made with new materials and provides the highest standards of functionality and reliability.

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C.I.O.M. srl

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Company contacts: C.I.O.M. SRL

CIOM SRL trial lens sets
CIOM SRL trial lens cases
CIOM SRL trial frame