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brumaba GmbH & Co. KG

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Company contacts: Wolfgang Weiss

brumaba GmbH & Co. KG manufactures surgery tables for the ophthalmological field and stools on a premium level. The main advantages of brumaba surgery tables is the excellent performance for the surgeons in terms of flexibility and functionality, as well as for the patients in the way to give superb comfort and relaxation. brumaba – where comfort meets quality!

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Bohus BioTech AB

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Company contacts: Bohus BioTech AB
Trädgårdsgatan 4 SE 452 31 Strömstad
+46 526 14686

Microvisc® 1%
Microvisc® Plus 1.4%
Microvisc® Phaco 2.5%

OVD´s intended for cataract, trauma and refractive surgery and MicroDrops tear replacement for dry eyes.

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Block Optic Ltd.

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Individually designed refraction units, according to your needs or room proportions - the name BLOCK stands for this.
It begins with the construction and ends with the design of the refraction unit.

Furthermore, various lacquering or any kind of synthetic material, e.g. according to Formica or a wooden design are possible. For demanding individualists we are able to adapt our production in a way of almost no limits regarding design and colour. Our own production of mechanical and wooden parts as well as our own development of the entire circuits and electronics demonstrates our particularly high competence.

BLOCK refraction- and examination units: "Made in Germany"

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Blink Medical Ltd

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Company contacts: Blink Medical Ltd
1320 Solihull Parkway
Birmingham Business Park
B37 7YB

T: +44 (0)121 386 8433
F: +44 (0)121 277 4949

This year Blink Medical will be showing their new range of single use Vitreoretinal forceps and scissors. With a distribution network covering 17 countries worldwide, we have grown to become the world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of fine instrumentation, customised instrument sets and procedure packs. The Blink range includes forceps, scissors, manipulators and rotators. Our sets for Intravitreal and Sub Tenon Injections have proved very popular over the past year however set specifications can be customised to your needs. Come visit us at booth H06 to see why when surgeons think of disposable instruments, they think Blink.

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Biotech Vision Care Pvt Ltd

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Company contacts: Registered Office

401, Sarthik II,
Opp. Rajpath Club,
S.G. Highway
Ahmedabad 380 054
Gujarat, India
Tel: +91 (0)79 268 70 896/ 97/ 98



The Biotech group operates as Biotech Visioncare for the production & supply of Intraocular Lenses & Biotech Ophthalmics offers range of ophthalmic solutions. With its global presence & goodwill, company develops & manufactures high quality, innovative ophthalmic surgical and eye care products that address a wide range of eye disorders.

Biotech is focused on the growth and expansion of its core businesses.

Few of its assets include :
• A portfolio of industry-leading ophthalmic surgical devices and eye care products
• Product marketing through Distribution Network in over 60 countries
• Well equipped manufacturing and research & development facility.

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Biomed Device s.r.l.

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Company information not available

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Bio-Tissue, Inc., a subsidiary of TissueTech, is a privately held ophthalmic biologic therapeutics company that develops innovative, biologic wound healing solutions. Bio-Tissue products include: AmnioGraft®, a Biologic Ocular Transplantation Graft; AmnioGuard™, a Biologic Glaucoma Shunt Tube Graft; PROKERA®, a Biologic Corneal Bandage/Medical Device that is the only FDA cleared therapeutic device that reduces inflammation and promotes healing; and Cliradex®, a Cleanser for Lashes, Eyelids and Face. For more information please visit

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Irrigation/Aspiration Cannula Lacrimal Dilator Lacrimal Cannula Eye Speculum Infusion Lens Loop Tissue Forceps Tying Forceps Small Tying Forceps Capsulorhexis Forceps Small Capsulorhexis Forceps Intraocular Lens Forceps Eight-crawls Forceps Intraocular Lens Forceps Bonn Model Strabismus Hook Vannas Scissors Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors Castroviejo Mini Corneal Scissors Castroviejo Curved Scissors Curved Needle Holder Tying Forceps Tissue Forceps Small Tissue Forceps Capsulorhexis Forceps Small Capsulorhexis Forceps Capsulorhexis Forceps(Round handpiece) Intraocular Lens Forceps Needle Holder Castroviejo Mini Corneal Scissors Castroviejo Curved Scissors ophthalmophantom I/A Handpiece Straight With Silicone Sleeve Aspiration Needle Vitreoretinal Scissors Triangular Gripping Forceps Vitreoretinal Forceps Capsulorhexis Forceps Sinskey Lens Manipulating Hook

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Benz Research and Development

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Benz Research & Development manufactures high performance contact and intraocular lens materials and creates breakthrough manufacturing technologies for the ophthalmic industry.

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Beijing SonopTek Co.,Ltd.

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SonopTek locates in China "Silicone Valley", having a strong and experienced R&D team for ocular diagnostic field, specialising in opthalmic ultrasound scanners like A scan Biometer, Pachymeter, A/B scan, High frequency UBM.

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Beaver - Visitec International, Ltd.

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Company contacts: Beaver-Visitec International Sales ltd

Extend™, Parasol®, QuickLoad™, MicroFlow™, Wet-Field®, Eraser® Bipolar, ThermoDot™, Xstar®, Atomic Edge™, Beaver®, Mini-Blade®, Arthro-Lok®, Optimum™, Merocel®, Visitec®, Visimark®, EdgeAhead®, Aqueo Premium™, OcuSeal®, Accu-Temp®, Cannulas, trephines, Blades, Eye Shields, Eye Spears, Single-Use Instruments, Cystotomes, Electrosurgery, Knives, Punctal Occluder, Saline Solution, Viscoelastic, CustomEyes® Procedure Packs, Lacrimal Instruments, Drapes

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Bayer HealthCare

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The Bayer Group is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, agriculture and high-tech materials. Bayer HealthCare, a subgroup of Bayer AG with annual sales of EUR 18.9 billion (2013), is one of the world's leading, innovative companies in the healthcare and medical products industry and is based in Leverkusen, Germany. The company combines the global activities of the Animal Health, Consumer Care, Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals divisions. Bayer HealthCare's aim is to discover, develop, manufacture and market products that will improve human and animal health worldwide. Bayer HealthCare has a global workforce of 56,000 employees (Dec 31, 2013) and is represented in more than 100 countries. More information is available at

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Bausch + Lomb Technolas

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Company information not available

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b o n Optic

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Company contacts: Contact: Mr. Michael Wuttke
Stellmacherstrasse 14
23556 Lübeck

Tel + 49 451 80 900 0
Fax + 49 451 80 900 10
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Refraction Units,Chart Projectors + LCD Chart,Keratometers,LED Digital Slit Lamps,Chairs and Tables,Corneal Topographers with the colour image and dynamic tear film analysis,Scheimpflug Camera with Placido,Meibographer,Polaris Tearscope,Fundus Camera,Pupillometers,Specular Miscroscope,Cross Linking System for treatment of Keratoconus, Iontophoresis for Cross Linking