Examination of early, near visual acuity after macular hole surgery by 27+G pars plana vitrectomy and gas insufflation

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First Author: : G.Bátor HUNGARY

Co Author(s): :    Z. Kardos   R. Alacs   A Zelko                       

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To represent the results of macular hole surgery by pars plana vitrectomy combined with gas insufflation, according to the early, near postoperative visual acuity.


22 patient records were analysed retrospectively who had pars plana vitrectomy because of macular hole of different stages in the last year.


The following measures were analysed: preoperative best corrected visual acuity, size of the hole, near visual acuity in the first and second day after surgery, best corrected distant visual acuity after gas absorption, closure of the hole assessed by HRA-OCT. In 12 cases we performed 27+G pars plana vitrectomy with cataract surgery, in 10 cases only 27+G pars plana vitrectomy. In all cases inverted ILM-peeling with cabbage leaf technic were performed.


There were 15 women and 7 men among our patients, mean age was 68.77 years. The preoperative mean BCVA was 0.26. Mean size of the holes was 481.68 µm. In the early postoperative time the mean near visual acuity was 0.49. After gas absorption the postoperative BCVA was 0.47. In 20 cases the holes closed completely, in 2 cases incompletely


When operating macular hole using gas insufflation, the near visual acuity result of the first postoperative day correlate with the late best corrected visual acuity and can be a prognostic factor of good anatomical results, closure of the macula hole.

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